How to sell a car

Whether you're upgrading to a new vehicle or simply looking to cash in on a seldom-used ride, selling your car can seem like a daunting task. From determining the right price to navigating a range of selling options, the process can easily become overwhelming. 

To help with what can be a difficult decision, we’ve created a short video outlining the most common options and the pros and cons of each. Discover if AutoFlip is the right car selling solution for you.

Different ways to sell your car

Trade-in to a dealer

If you’re planning on buying a new car from a dealer, it can be convenient to trade in your existing car at the same time. After a thorough car inspection, the dealer will offer you a price for your vehicle. However, the price may be lower than what you would receive through other methods.

Sell to a private buyer

Selling privately means you have more control over the selling process and can result in a higher selling price. However, selling privately can be time consuming and requires effort as you take on the full responsibility for selling your car. You’ll need to advertise on multiple channels, communicate directly with potential buyers, organise test drives and negotiate the price. This exposes you to time wasters, strangers visiting your home and potentially scammers too. You'll also need to arrange a roadworthy certificate if selling privately which may involve costly repairs.

Sell with AutoFlip

Choosing to sell with AutoFlip means you can secure a great trade-in price for your vehicle, while avoiding the hassle and stress that is common with private sales. Simply list your vehicle for free, and sit back while our vast network of over 1000 dealers across Australia compete to buy your car. We’ll be in touch with the best price offer, and if you accept, simply pay the small success fee, arrange a free pick-up and let us help facilitate the paperwork. Best of all, if there’s no deal there’s no fee!

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Sell your car online by accessing our huge network of dealers

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6 things you don't need to worry about when using AutoFlip

  1. Limiting yourself to a small group of dealers in your local area:
    When you choose to sell your car online with AutoFlip, you break free from the constraints of dealing solely with local dealers. We connect you to a vast network of more than 1000 trusted wholesale buyers across Australia, ensuring you get a competitive trade-in price for your car.

  2. Needing a current RWC
    It can be costly and time consuming to organise repairs to your car in order to get a current roadworthy certificate, but with AutoFlip, since you’re selling directly to a licensed dealer, you’re not required to have a RWC!

  3. Listing on multiple sales platforms
    Knowing how to write the perfect advertisement and entering your car details on multiple platforms can be time consuming. When you list your vehicle with AutoFlip, you simply fill in your car details and upload recent photos of your car once. We’ll do the rest.

  4. Giving up your precious time to communicate with potential buyers and accompany them on test drives
    Leave behind the hassle of organising test drives with prospective buyers when selling privately. AutoFlip does the negotiating, meaning a deal can be done while giving you back your valuable time.

  5. Dealing with tyre-kickers
    Say goodbye to time-wasters. We have a trusted network of over 1000 licensed dealers ready to offer a competitive trade in price for your car. We handle the negotiations and present you with a genuine and serious offer.

  6. Protecting yourself against scams and frauds
    Rest easy knowing AutoFlip means you avoid the stress of potential scams and frauds. Our trusted network of buyers protects your transaction from start to finish, so you can sell with peace of mind.