How Long Does it Take to Sell a Car?


Selling your car can be a long and tedious process, consisting of inspections, test drives, tyre kickers and even no-shows. However, 8 in 10 sales on the AutoFlip platform close within 3 days*. Keep reading to learn how AutoFlip can help speed up the process of selling your car online.

Factors affecting the time to sell a car

There are several variables that may impact the time your car is on the market. Knowing these factors will help you understand how long your car may take to sell.

Vehicle condition

Keeping your vehicle in a good condition is likely to pay dividends when the time comes to sell. Buyers are after cars that have been well looked after by their owners, so ensure that your vehicle is well-maintained and clean, and ideally with service records before you sell it.

Marketing of car

The more detailed information and photos you can provide, the more likely your vehicle is to sell quickly. If potential buyers can see detailed photos and accurate details of your vehicle, buyers will understand the condition of your vehicle and can make an informed purchase decision.

Asking price

The price you ask for your car can be the factor that makes or breaks the deal. It’s important to price your vehicle according to its condition and the market, but also for both you and the buyer to be comfortable with the outcome.

Market demand

The demand for your vehicle in the market is also a factor for quick sales. If your vehicle is in high demand, and in good condition, it’s a good indicator that your vehicle will sell quickly once it is listed. Speaking with an AutoFlip representative can help you identify if your vehicle is currently in high demand. 

Selling method

Your chosen method to sell your vehicle will also impact its time on the market. While you may have success with private sales, selling through a trusted dealer can net you results far quicker. AutoFlip has over 1000 dealers in its network, who competitively bid to buy your vehicle once it has been listed, delivering you the best of both worlds when it comes to a speedy sale and a competitive price for your car.

Steps to speed up the car selling process

There are several things you can do to lessen the amount of time you spend waiting to sell your car.

Accurate vehicle info and photos from all angles

Ensuring your listing contains all relevant vehicle information and several high quality photos will help your vehicle stand out from the crowd and attract buyers. AutoFlip has an article on car photo tips to help your car find a new home quickly.

Effective advertising

Making sure your car is listed on the right platforms, filling out all the available fields and adding photos and videos are all steps you can take to sell your car. However, creating listings on multiple sites is time-consuming. Listing with AutoFlip once grants you access to over 1000 dealers ready to make an offer on your car straight away.  

Setting a competitive price

While it may be tempting to ask top dollar for your vehicle, setting a representative price for your car will entice buyers who believe they’re getting a fair deal.

Being available for viewings

If you decide to sell your car privately, commit to being available for potential buyers to come and view your car. If need be, specify in the listing that you will only be available on certain days. Unfortunately, you don’t know how long your car will take to sell when selling privately. 

General selling times

The average time to sell a car varies depending on the method that is used to sell it.


Selling direct to a single dealer is often an easy and quick solution. However, you’ll generally receive a lower value than other selling methods.

Private sales

When selling your vehicle privately, you’re likely to receive a higher price. However, it involves considerably more time and effort, dealing directly with potential buyers and negotiating to get a good deal.

The AutoFlip advantage

Selling your car using the AutoFlip platform gives you the best of both worlds. Here’s how.

Quick sales

Using AutoFlip drastically reduces the time spent to sell your car when compared with private sales. 83% of successful deals on AutoFlip are completed within 72 hours*.

Competitive pricing

Our competitive bidding process means you get the best trade-in price for your vehicle. 65% of all vehicles sold on the AutoFlip platform fetch more than their Redbook average estimate.

Ease and convenience

Selling your car with AutoFlip is easier than a private sale or having to physically visit a local dealership. Enter your car’s details online, and once your car is listed, sit back while we do the negotiating for you. We’ll contact you with the best price offer from our network of over 1000 licensed dealers. If you accept the offer, arrange a free car pick up and get paid quickly.

Safety and protection

The AutoFlip platform reduces the risk of any car sales scams by handling all sales and negotiation processes so you don’t have to.


The time it takes to sell a car can vary dramatically depending on how it is sold. Creating a detailed advertisement, asking a competitive price and understanding market demand are all important factors in how long your car stays on the market. Selling your car using the AutoFlip platform can net you a great price for your vehicle, quickly and without any of the hassle.  When it’s time to move your car to a new home, choose AutoFlip for the best result. 

*83% of AutoFlip deals were achieved within 72 hours. Figure derived from internal data collected between 1/1/23 - 14/9/23.

**65% of vehicles sold over Redbook average estimate. Figure derived from internal data collected between 1/1/23 - 1/8/23 for vehicles sold above the average Redbook ‘Trade In’ estimate.