The rise in online car sales


Selling cars online has become incredibly popular in recent years. In Australia, the online car classifieds industry is currently valued at $427.5 million, an increase of 7 per cent from 2022.

What’s behind the increase in private listings?

There are a number of car selling online trends that have caused the increase in private and online car listings, with several studies pointing to the following factors.

Pricing transparency and competitive advantage

Sellers are finding online tools effective in providing accurate and attractive valuations of cars. A study conducted by Edmunds found that private sellers use valuation tools to ensure their vehicles are competitively priced, leading to faster sales and satisfied customers.

Ease and convenience

Listing a car online is a relatively simple process, which can be completed by following a number of simple steps. conducted a survey that revealed the ease and convenience of listing a car to be one of the major factors that had increased online sales.

Sift in demographics

Online car selling platforms were once the preserve of young entrepreneurs. However, data from CarGurus has found that a diverse mix of people are now using online platforms to sell their cars, indicating that younger and older generations alike have become more comfortable with online vehicle sales.

Use of social media and online marketplaces

Platforms like Facebook Marketplace have revolutionised the world of private car sales, offering convenient, engaging and fast transactions. A report conducted by eMarketer concluded that the popularity of social media platforms for selling cars can be attributed to their large user base and targeted reach.

Higher engagement with online ads

Online advertisements with high quality images and detailed descriptions tend to receive more enquiries than traditional car selling methods such as newspaper ads. The quantity and quality of images can be a massive factor for the success of your listing, at AutoFlip we’ve found that increasing the number of images on your listing from 1 to 10+ increases the chance of selling by 98%*. Research carried out by AutoTrader suggests that listings with more than five images garner significantly more views than those with fewer details.

Rapid sales cycle

Online sales platforms often result in a faster sales cycle. At AutoFlip, we’ve seen that over 80% of online sales are achieved within just 72 hours**.

Customer reviews and seller ratings

The ability of consumers to leave feedback and seller ratings creates a level of trust in online sales platforms that traditional methods are lacking. BrightLocal conducted a study that found over 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

Rise in mobile listings

Online car sales platforms allow users to create a listing from their smartphone or tablet. Data from Statista has shown this capability has increased the number of people using online car sales platforms.

Impact of vehicle history reports

Sellers can attach a vehicle history report to their online car advertisement, to further legitimise their listing and attract more serious buyers. Carfax has reported that listings with vehicle history reports included are more likely to build trust in potential buyers, leading to quicker and more trusted sales.

Join the online revolution

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*Listings with > 10 images are 98% more likely to sell than those with 1 - 4 photos, derived from internal data between 1/1/21 - 1/1/22.
**83% of AutoFlip deals were achieved within 72 hours. Figure derived from internal data collected between 1/1/23 - 14/9/23.