The best time to sell a car in Australia


Australia has one of the most diverse climates in the world, which impacts its car buying behaviour. From the tropical north to the more temperate south, the weather in Australia can determine when certain types of vehicles are popular and the average time it takes to sell these types of cars. This guide will outline the best time to sell a used car in Australia for several popular vehicle types.

Car sales seasonality: How weather impacts popularity

Whether you’re after something sporty for beach trips or a practical car for an adventure with the family, here are the vehicle styles that are in demand in each season.


The summer season is a popular time for convertibles, particularly in coastal areas as people indulge in lifestyle vehicles. Summer is also a favoured time for vehicles with air conditioning, seat coolers and sunroofs. Even if you do not have a convertible to sell, your car could be more desirable in summer if it’s equipped with these features.


As the holiday season wears off, family vehicles such as SUVs and station wagons begin to occupy the market. Autumn can be a crowded time for this segment, so be prepared for lower prices and a longer lead time when selling your car privately.


Winter can be a challenging season on the roads, particularly in southern regions and highland areas where cold and snowy conditions are common. In these parts of the country, there is an increased demand for capable vehicles such as utes and 4WDs at this time of year.


The warmer weather sees a resurgence in the sales of sporty and adventure vehicles, such as convertible sports cars and off road vehicles, as people prepare for the summer season ahead. Springtime can be a good time to sell a recreational vehicle as demand increases.

Other factors

There can be other, more specialised factors at play when it comes to the best time to sell a car in Australia.

Extreme weather events

Areas with harsh weather conditions, such as bushfires, floods and tropical cyclones, often favour reliable, well-made vehicles. Cars like 4WDs and utes are often in high demand in these areas in the lead up to summer or the wet season.

Regional variations

Different regions of Australia have different uses for different types of vehicles. Residents of outback Australia tend to prefer the high ground clearance and dependability of SUVs and 4WDs. Meanwhile, those in densely populated urban areas like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane may opt for something sporty to stand out, or a hybrid or electric vehicle to reduce their carbon footprint.

Future trends

Australia’s extreme climate shows no signs of slowing down in the future. Rural areas will still require 4WDs, utes and SUVs to navigate flooded roads and rutted tracks during the wet season. Inner city dwellers are continuing to take to hybrid and electric cars at record rates for reasons of environmental protection.

Use seasonality to your advantage when listing your car online

Now that you know the best time to sell a used car, you can tailor your listing to meet the preferences of specific buyers in your part of Australia to increase your chance of a successful sale.

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