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AutoFlip’s convenient online sales platform makes it easy to sell your Mazda quickly, for the right price. We look after the admin associated with selling your car, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. With AutoFlip, you can list your Mazda for free and have 1,000+ licensed dealers competitively bid to buy your car.

Our three-step process for selling your Mazda

At AutoFlip, we believe that selling your car should be a quick, simple process. That’s why we’ve developed our platform, which makes it easy to net a great price for your car in just a few simple steps.
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Enter your Mazda details

In order to sell your Mazda, we need to know a little bit about it. When listing your car with us, please make sure to include important details, such as its model, variant, mileage, colour and standout features. Another important detail is when the vehicle was built, which you can locate by reading our article on how to find the build date of your car.

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Receive your Best Price offer

With all the details we need, we open your car up to bids from our network of over 1000 licensed motor dealers. You’ll receive the best price offer for your car promptly.

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Get paid quickly

Once you receive and accept the best price offer for your Mazda, we’ll put you in contact with the winning dealer to arrange a vehicle inspection, payment and collection of your car.

Not sure how to sell your Mazda?

If you are unsure of the best way to sell a Mazda, AutoFlip can help. Our online platform nets you a great price for your car with a quick turnaround, without the usual hassles of listing your vehicle privately.

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The fastest way to find buyers for your Mazda

AutoFlip is the ideal platform to use if you need to sell your Mazda in a hurry. We fast-track the sale of your vehicle by quickly gathering bids from our vast network of dealers. Find your vehicle’s perfect new owner and skip the time-wasters and painful negotiations.

Lots of Happy Customers

Our commitment to improving the way people sell their cars has meant a number of satisfied customers. Here’s what some of our recent customers have said about selling with AutoFlip.

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AutoFlip makes selling your Mazda a pain-free experience

When it comes time to sell your Mazda, choose a platform that will net you a representative price without the time and effort required to list it privately. AutoFlip handles all the background work, such as listing, negotiating with dealers and filling out paperwork, for the smoothest sales experience possible.

Whatever the model, you can easily sell your Mazda through our network

AutoFlip helps you sell your Mazda in as little as 24 hours, regardless of its model. We help with queries such as:

  • Sell my Mazda CX-5

  • Sell my Mazda 3

  • Sell my Mazda 2

  • Sell my Mazda 6

List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest

As an experienced seller of Mazdas, AutoFlip is the ideal place to list your vehicle for a fast, hassle-free sale. Our extensive network of dealers bid to buy your vehicle, ensuring the price you receive is what it is actually worth. Whether you’re in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or anywhere else in Australia, AutoFlip’s free online sales platform is the smarter way to sell a Mazda. Enter your vehicle’s details and sell your Mazda with us today!

  • We look after the paperwork

    Selling your Mazda can be a hassle. At AutoFlip, we ensure a smooth and convenient process by handling all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

  • Simple, easy & fast turnaround

    Your time is valuable. Our process of selling your Mazda is simple, easy, and ensures a quick turnaround so you can move on to your next adventure.

  • Serious offers only

    Our network of more than 1000 serious wholesale buyers means you don’t have to deal with low-ball offers and time-wasters. Our serious best price offer results in a fair and transparent selling experience.

  • No haggling

    Avoid endless negotiations and haggling. Our hassle-free experience removes the stress of dealing with multiple buyers.

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List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest.

How do I Sell My Mazda? Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mazda vehicles have historically held their value well. Their combination of cutting-edge styling, engaging performance and impressive reliability makes them a sought-after choice for second hand car buyers. In recent years, Mazda has innovated a number of fuel efficiency technologies, opening their vehicles up to buyers looking for these features in their next car.

  • To prepare your Mazda for sale, ensure it is cleaned throughout and that any necessary maintenance has been performed to both the mechanicals and the bodywork. Collect all relevant documentation, including the service history, invoices for recently-completed work and the current registration documents, to include with the sale.

  • Mazda offers a diverse range of vehicles, each with its own customer base. The Mazda 6 and CX-5 are favourites with family buyers, while the efficient Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 are the perfect everyday transport for the urban dweller.