What year is your car? Here's how to find out!

In Australia, finding out what year your car was built (your 'build date') is crucial to understanding your car's history and specifications.  The build date provides valuable information about the manufacturing process, potential recalls, and compatibility with certain parts or accessories. It also helps price the vehicle more accurately when looking to sell. 

For the build month and year, you might want to look for a separate label or plate called the "vehicle build plate." This is often found in the engine bay or on the door frame, and it contains additional information about the vehicle, including the month and year it was built.

build date

Common locations for the vehicle build plate include:

If you're unable to find the build plate, you can also use the VIN to obtain build information. You can contact the vehicle’s manufacturer or a dealership with the VIN, and they should be able to provide you with the build date.