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How much is my car worth?

Enter your vehicle details to receive an estimated price range based on the latest market data.

What's the value of my car?

Enter your vehicle details and receive an estimated price range based on the latest market data. After you submit, our experienced team can provide a more accurate estimate that considers real-time market demand for your vehicle combined with its unique details and condition.
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Enter your car details

Including photos (if available) and receive a price estimate range based on market data

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List your car for free

Speak with our team about your unique car details and get a more personalised value before listing

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Receive your best price offer

Get a genuine best price offer from our 1000+ buying network competitively bidding on your car

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What affects the value of my car?

While an online valuation only provides a guide, it’s a great starting point for understanding what your car’s worth. However, the final sale price of your car will depend on several factors. AutoFlip uses industry data and real-time market demand combined with your unique vehicle details to provide the most accurate and up-to-date valuation of your car.

Some important factors when determining the value of your car include:

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Find out the valuation of your car in a few simple steps


  • There are a few simple factors to help raise your car valuation when you’re ready to sell online. First, make sure your car is clean, inside and out. Consider a professional clean to make sure even the toughest areas are reached and your vehicle is presented in its best condition. 

    When taking photos of your car, make sure to showcase it in the best lighting, considering the right angles and selecting a good background that provides the viewer a clear view of your car and its condition. Refer to our photo guide to get best results.

  • AutoFlip estimates the value of your car based on the vehicle details you provide such as make, model, year, odometer reading, condition etc. The estimate is based on the Australian market value of your vehicle at that point in time.

    When receiving an online car estimate, AutoFlip uses RedBook data combined with other intel.  However, to get the most accurate valuation of your car's worth, its best to speak with one of our experienced team who can provide a personalised and more accurate price guide based on real time and your unique car details.

  • All you need to have on hand are your basic car details – make, model, year, odometer reading, condition and photos (if available).

    You will then be presented with an estimated valuation range. Please note, this is a guide only based on market data and doesn’t consider factors unique to your vehicle. 

    A more accurate estimation can be achieved after speaking with one of our team members who can further consider the details relating to your car, current market demand and their expertise. 

  • No, the car valuation gives you an estimated price range based on the vehicle details that you entered and recent market data. The final price you’re offered will depend on your car’s unique details as well as demand from our network of 1000+ licensed dealers and wholesale buyers who will competitively bid to buy your car. 

    However, the car valuation range will give you a great indication of your car’s value and which steps you can take to sell your car quickly and easily to receive your best price trade-in offer. And with AutoFlip, you can receive a serious offer within hours of listing your car.

  • AutoFlip operates on a success-based approach, which means we only apply a success fee once you accept an offer and sell your vehicle. If no sale occurs, there will be no fee, providing complete transparency and eliminating any unforeseen surprises when selling your car with AutoFlip.

    When you sell your car with AutoFlip, there’s:

    • No listing fee
    • No advertising fee
    • No transport costs
    • No roadworthy required
    • No deal = no fee
    • No nasty surprises