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Why sell your car with AutoFlip?

Sit back and sell your car for a competitive trade-in price, from the comfort of your home.

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    Genuine offers can be received within hours of listing with quick payment. No roadworthy required.

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    Access more than 1000 serious licensed buyers ready to buy now. Stress free, we handle the negotiations.

  • Hassle-free experience

    Simple contactless online process and local customer support. Sell from the comfort of your home.

  • Safe & secure

    Avoid scammers and strangers visiting your home. Trusted licensed buyers only.

  • Free to list

    No deal, no fee, and no hidden advertising costs. And if there’s no sale, you won’t pay anything.

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Smart Guided Camera

Don't miss an angle and take quality photos of your car the first time with our guided camera (on mobile).

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Successful sales

Hundreds of vehicles are listed on AutoFlip each week. And our network of licensed buyers is always interested in quality cars. View a selection of recent successful sales below.

Sold Blue 2015 Volkswagen Gold parked inside with headlights on
Victoria 2015 Volkswagen Golf $2,110 above seller expectation 72,400kms
Sold Side view of a dark grey Hyundai Kona parked on the side of the road.
Western Australia 2019 Hyundai Kona $1,100 above seller expectation 32,500kms
Sold Front view of a blue Mitsubishi ASX parked in a garage.
Victoria 2016 Mitsubishi ASX $1,001 above seller expectation 23,200kms

Get the best trade-in deal for your car now!

Forget the hassle, hidden costs, negotiating, time wasting, risks and extra paperwork required when selling your car privately. Take charge of selling your car and receive a competitive price offer from our trusted network of over 1000 wholesale buyers, ready to competitively bid on your car.

The best way to sell your car online

Get ready to sell your car quick and easy with AutoFlip! Save valuable time when selling your car online and leave the hard work to us. List your car for free and receive a genuine offer from our 1000+ network of serious buyers. And if there's no deal, there's no fee.

We help you get the best price by accessing our extensive buying network from the comfort of your own home. Once you accept an offer, AutoFlip takes care of the paperwork and connects you with the successful buyer who will help organise complimentary vehicle pick-up and transfer of payment. Easy!

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List your car today and let us take care of the rest.


  • Selling your car directly to a car dealership is a legitimate way to sell your car. However, using AutoFlip, means you gain access to our network of 1000+ car dealers and wholesalers. So, if you want a competitive used car trade in price and don’t have the time or inclination to drive around to multiple dealerships, AutoFlip is the way to go.

  • Selling your car privately comes with more effort as you take full responsibility for the sale. Everything from listing the vehicle, paying for advertising costs, answering queries, dealing with time wasters, exposing yourself to scammers and having strangers come to your home. How long it takes to sell your car is also unknown and there’s an expectation to get a high price, given the extra risk and hassle.

    AutoFlip removes the hassle and the unknown. You can get a genuine offer from a trusted licensed buyer quickly and receive payment fast.

  • AutoFlip operates on a success-based approach, which means we only apply a success fee once you accept an offer and sell your vehicle. If no sale occurs, there will be no fee, providing complete transparency and eliminating any unforeseen surprises when selling your car with AutoFlip.

    When you sell your car with AutoFlip, there’s:

    • No listing fee
    • No advertising fee
    • No transport costs
    • No roadworthy required
    • No deal = no fee
    • No nasty surprises
  • Once you’ve accepted an offer, AutoFlip will coordinate payment of the success fee (average success fee is 1% of the sale price*) and connect you with the successful buyer. The buyer will transfer your payment and schedule a time to collect your vehicle. You don’t need to leave your home and there’s no transportation costs to worry about.

    *actual percentage will vary depending on the sale price of your car.

  • Yes, you can still sell your car with AutoFlip if you owe money through finance. We can assist the successful buyer and your finance company.

  • The final sale price of your car is determined by the highest offer received from our trusted network of licensed buyers. The price will depend on your car’s condition, its unique features and the current market demand.