Selling Your Car When Time is Tight


There are several circumstances which may lead you to have to sell your car when time is tight. Have you recently purchased a new car and don’t have the money or space for it as well as your old one? Has a recent change in living arrangements left you with nowhere to park your car? These scenarios happen more often than you might think, leaving no option other than having to sell your car to a deadline. AutoFlip’s quick car sale tips can help. 

AutoFlip is an online sales platform that makes selling your car on a deadline easy. In just a few simple steps, you can receive a serious and competitive offer for your car from one of our 1000+ strong network of trusted licensed dealers. It’s quick, simple and easy.

The Traditional Car Sales Process

Traditionally, selling your car on a deadline has involved spending a weekend driving around to dealers to try and receive the best price for your vehicle. Selling your car this way generally involves talking to several salesmen and negotiating to get a decent trade-in price. 

These days, there are a number of online tools that can drastically reduce the time it takes to sell your car. Not only do platforms such as AutoFlip make the selling process easier and faster, you’ll also get a genuinely competitive price as our 1000+ network of dealers competitive bid to buy your car. 

How AutoFlip Makes Selling Your Car On a Deadline Easy

AutoFlip’s selling process is designed to make selling your car on a deadline as simple as possible. After entering your car’s details and uploading a few photos, dealers from our wide network bid to purchase your vehicle. We’ll then contact you with the highest offer and if you accept, we’ll connect you with the winning buyer to arrange free vehicle pick up and payment. 

Other Quick Car Sale Tips

When selling your vehicle, there are a number of ways of enhancing its appeal to prospective buyers. Everything from vehicle detailing to accurate pricing can help your car sell quickly, for a price you’ll be happy with. 

Make Sure the Car is Clean

A clean car is one of the most obvious ways of demonstrating that it’s been cared for, and one of the easiest ways to increase its value. Ensure that you wash the bodywork and wheels, vacuum the carpets and condition the seats prior to advertising your car to make it as attractive as possible for potential buyers. 

Prepare the Service History

A comprehensive service history is another sign that your vehicle has been looked after during your ownership. A stamped service book and invoices for extra work that’s been carried out gives prospective purchasers peace of mind when carrying out their inspections.

Price the Car Fairly

The asking price you set for your vehicle is extremely important. While you want to ask a fair amount of money, you do not want to price your car so high that it’s above its market value. Use online valuation tools to gain a better understanding of what your vehicle is worth in the current market. Also, remember that selling a car privately will most likely get a higher price but a lot more time and effort is required as well as safety considerations if strangers will be coming to your home to test-drive.

Advertise the Car Honestly

Remember that honesty is the best course of action when selling your car and that any issues you fail to disclose are likely to be found by the purchaser during their inspection. Take clear photos that show all angles inside and outside the car, including of the bodywork, wheels, seats, carpet and engine bay.

Be an Agreeable Seller

Show you’re committed to selling your car by providing the necessary car details, photos and supporting information to help facilitate a smooth and speedy sales process for both parties.  

How to Sell Your Car When Time is Tight Without the Hassle

While selling your car on a deadline may seem like a difficult task, it doesn’t have to be that way. Taking on board our quick car sales tips, such as cleaning the car, preparing the paperwork and being an honest, agreeable seller, can help you sell your car when time is tight.

If speed of sale is a concern for you, using an online sales platform such as AutoFlip means you can still get a great result without the hassle. By accessing our 1000+ strong dealer network, we can help you sell your car quickly, for a great price.