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If you need a faster, simpler way to sell your Mitsubishi, choose AutoFlip. Our streamlined online sales process removes the usual headaches you face when you sell your car. When you sell a Mitsubishi with AutoFlip, you’ll receive a great trade-in price from one of our licensed dealers in as little as 24 hours. 

Sell a Mitsubishi the easy way

The AutoFlip platform has been designed to make the car sales process faster and easier than ever before. Our expansive network of dealers bid to buy your vehicle for its true market value.
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Enter your Mitsubishi’s details

The first step to selling your Mitsubishi with us is to tell us a little about your car, and provide some photos. Make sure you include your car’s year, model and trim level, along with any features or modifications that may make your vehicle unique.

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Receive your Best Price offer

AutoFlip’s network of over 1000 licensed dealers then bid on your vehicle using the information you have supplied. Within a few days of listing, we’ll be back in touch with your best price offer

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Get paid quickly

Once you’ve accepted your best price offer, we’ll put you in contact with the winning dealer to organise a vehicle inspection, transportation and transfer of payment.

Not sure how to sell your Mitsubishi?

AutoFlip’s convenient online sales platform is the perfect solution for those looking to sell a Mitsubishi. Our process is quick, convenient and guaranteed to net you a representative price for your car. For a simple way of selling your car that bypasses the usual headaches, choose AutoFlip.

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Having trouble selling your Mitsubishi?

AutoFlip has handled the sale of thousands of cherished vehicles, including a wide range of Mitsubishis. Our satisfied customers have been impressed with the efficiency and speed of using the AutoFlip sales platform.

Lots of Happy Customers

Our commitment to improving the way people sell their cars has meant a number of satisfied customers. Here’s what some of our recent customers have said about selling with AutoFlip.

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Choose AutoFlip for a smooth Mitsubishi sale

From start to finish, AutoFlip’s online sales platform handles all the admin associated with selling your vehicle to ensure a seamless customer experience. We handle the negotiations with our network of dealers to quickly find the right home for your Mitsubishi. Sell your car with us today and discover the AutoFlip difference for yourself.

We’ll sell your Mitsubishi, no matter the model

AutoFlip has helped to sell a wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles, regardless of their year, model or mileage. Our efficient service and wide-ranging network has helped thousands of vehicles find new owners. We help to:

  • Sell my Mitsubishi Outlander

  • Sell my Mitsubishi Eclipse

  • Sell my Mitsubishi Mirage

  • Sell my Mitsubishi Triton

  • Sell my Mitsubishi Pajero

List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest

AutoFlip’s convenient sales process allows you to skip the time-wasters and low-ballers, and receive a great price for your car within a short period of time. We look after the paperwork and negotiation to provide you with the best price offer for your car in a matter of days. Regardless of where you are in Australia, AutoFlip can help you sell your car without the hassles of listing privately. Get started by submitting your car’s details today!

  • We look after the paperwork

    Selling your Mitsubishi can be a hassle. At AutoFlip, we ensure a smooth and convenient process by handling all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

  • Simple, easy & fast turnaround

    Your time is valuable. Our process of selling your Mitsubishi is simple, easy, and ensures a quick turnaround so you can move on to your next adventure.

  • Serious offers only

    Our network of more than 1000 serious wholesale buyers means you don’t have to deal with low-ball offers and time-wasters. Our serious best price offer results in a fair and transparent selling experience.

  • No haggling

    Avoid endless negotiations and haggling. Our hassle-free experience removes the stress of dealing with multiple buyers.

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List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest.

How do I sell my Mitsubishi? FAQs

  • Mitsubishi vehicles are highly sought after for their advanced technology, efficiency and reliability. The company has included various innovations in their vehicles over the years, all of which enhance the safety, efficiency and durability of their vehicles.

  • Many Mitsubishi vehicles do have a reputation for holding their value well. Models such as the Triton and Pajero are increasingly popular with customers looking for rugged and dependable secondhand cars.

  • Regardless of the model, you can maximise your Mitsubishi’s selling price by ensuring it looks and drives as well as it possibly can. Clean the vehicle thoroughly inside and out, have any mechanical issues rectified by a licensed mechanic, and touch up any scuffs on the bodywork to make sure the vehicle is as presentable as possible.

  • When selling your Mitsubishi, it’s important to compile all relevant documentation to instil confidence in the buyer and ensure the sale is completed legally. Alongside required paperwork such as the registration certificate and a signed transfer of ownership form, you should also provide the car’s service manual and any invoices for other work you have had completed on the vehicle prior to sale.