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AutoFlip’s convenient sales process makes selling your Kia a breeze. With over 1000 dealers ready to bid to buy your Kia, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the best trade-in price without the hassle of negotiating. Learn more about the smarter way to sell Kias with our three-step process, detailed below.

Our three-step process for selling your Kia

Selling your car shouldn’t be a drag. AutoFlip has a vast network of licensed motor dealers who are on the hunt for cars just like yours. All you have to do is provide us with a few details about your car and our experienced Kia sellers will connect your vehicle to its perfect buyer.
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Enter your Kia details

In order for us to sell your car, we need to know a little bit about it. When filling in our form, please include your Kia’s model, year and variant alongside any notes of its condition or extras that set it apart.

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Receive your Best Price offer

With your free listing created and all your vehicle’s details on file, we open it up to our network of over 1000 licensed dealers. When placing their bid, our dealers will take into account the information you have provided to ensure you receive a representative price for your Kia.

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Get paid quickly

Once you have received and accepted your best price offer, AutoFlip connects you to the successful buyer of your Kia to arrange a vehicle inspection, vehicle collection and transfer of payment.

Not sure how to sell your Kia?

AutoFlip’s convenient online sales platform is the perfect solution for those looking to sell a Kia. Our process is quick, convenient and guaranteed to net you a representative price for your car. For a simple way of selling your car that bypasses the usual headaches, choose AutoFlip.

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The fastest way to find buyers for your Kia

As an experienced Kia seller, AutoFlip finds a great new home for your car while avoiding the pitfalls of selling a car, such as online time wasters and tricky negotiations. AutoFlip finds the perfect buyer for your car with minimal effort.

Lots of Happy Customers

Our commitment to improving the way people sell their cars has meant a number of satisfied customers. Here’s what some of our recent customers have said about selling with AutoFlip.

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AutoFlip makes selling your Kia a pain-free experience

To sell a Kia as easily as possible, choose AutoFlip. We handle all the complexities, such as listing, dealing with prospective buyers and paperwork admin, so that you can free up space on your driveway in just a few days.

Whatever the model, you can easily sell your Kia through our network

AutoFlip can help you to sell a Kia quickly and efficiently, regardless of its model. We help to:

  • Sell my Kia Sportage

  • Sell my Kia Sorento

  • Sell my Kia Rio

  • Sell my Kia Seltos

  • Sell my Kia Picanto

List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest

With an extensive network of serious car buyers, AutoFlip’s free online sales platform is the way forward for selling your Kia. We take the hassle out of listing your car for sale, safe in the knowledge you’ll be receiving the true market value of your car. Get started by entering your car’s details and we’ll help you to sell your Kia quickly, for the right price.

  • We look after the paperwork

    Selling your Kia can be a hassle. At AutoFlip, we ensure a smooth and convenient process by handling all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

  • Simple, easy & fast turnaround

    Your time is valuable. Our process of selling your Kia is simple, easy, and ensures a quick turnaround so you can move on to your next adventure.

  • Serious offers only

    Our network of more than 1000 serious wholesale buyers means you don’t have to deal with low-ball offers and time-wasters. Our serious best price offer results in a fair and transparent selling experience.

  • No haggling

    Avoid endless negotiations and haggling. Our hassle-free experience removes the stress of dealing with multiple buyers.

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List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest.

How do I Sell My Kia? Frequently Asked Questions

  • Kia built its reputation by manufacturing affordable, dependable vehicles. Combining these traits with the company’s recent advances in technology, refinement and performance, Kia vehicles are now highly desirable for customers shopping in the secondhand market.

  • In order to sell your Kia for the highest possible price, it is important to collate the right documents. Gather all invoices, the car’s service history and its current registration paperwork to transfer to the new owner once the deal has been finalised.

  • In order to prepare your Kia for sale, it is important to make sure it drives and looks its best. Clean the car inside and out, either at home or using a professional detailing service. Have any mechanical issues rectified prior to the sale by a reputable mechanic, and provide the invoice with the sale. If your vehicle has any easily-repaired damage to the bodywork or wheels, consider having it repaired prior to selling it.

  • Kia offers a wide range of vehicles to suit a number of key demographics, from families to couples to first car buyers. From long-standing staples of the range, such as the Rio, Cerato, Carnival and Sportage, to newer nameplates like the Seltos and Picanto, the Kia lineup has something for everyone.