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Fast, for the best price. Access over 1000 licensed dealers competitively bidding to buy your car.

Selling your Honda with AutoFlip is the quicker, easier and smarter way to sell your car. We understand that it can be daunting letting go of your pride and joy, and that finding someone who shares the same passion for your car can be difficult. Our simple online selling process takes the hassle out of selling a Honda. Listing your car for sale with AutoFlip means you access 1000+ licensed dealers ready to competitively bid to buy your car now.

Selling your Honda is quick and simple with our easy-to-use platform

AutoFlip’s platform simplifies the process of selling a Honda. Our strong buying network and dedicated customer service team means we do the hard work for you. Simply, sit back while we get you a great price, fast.
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Enter your Honda’s details

The first step is to tell us a little bit about your car. Simply follow the easy online steps and input your vehicle information, such as your Honda’s model, year and mileage, alongside any details of its condition, history or modifications and photos so we can get a clearer picture of what makes your car unique.

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Receive your Best Price offer

After you’ve supplied us with information about your Honda, our network of over 1000 licensed dealers will competitively bid to buy your vehicle. We’ll then contact you with the highest price offer.

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Get paid quickly

If you accept the offer, we connect you with the successful buyer to arrange free collection of your vehicle and transfer of payment.

Not sure how to sell your Honda?

If you’re unsure of the best way to sell your car, or if you have a strong emotional attachment to your Honda, AutoFlip is for you. We’ve simplified the car selling process, ensuring a speedy and hassle-free experience while achieving the best trade-in price so you’re not getting ripped off.

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Just how simple is selling a Honda?

AutoFlip removes a lot of the traditional hurdles and frustrations car sellers can experience when selling a car. Our online process is quick, simple and easy. You can wave goodbye to haggling, dealing with multiple strangers, scheduling time for test-drives and incurring hidden advertising fees. AutoFlip is the hassle-free way of selling your Honda.

Lots of Happy Customers

Our commitment to improving the way people sell their cars has meant a number of satisfied customers. Here’s what some of our recent customers have said about selling with AutoFlip.

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Why sell your Honda with AutoFlip?

At AutoFlip, we understand the emotional attachment you may have to your Honda. We value your vehicle as much as you do, and work hard to find your car the best home and the right buyer. Our extensive network ensures your car is seen by the right audience, and sold for a competitive price.

Easily sell your Honda through our network, no matter its model

We accept a wide range of Honda models, ensuring your vehicle finds the right buyer no matter what it is.

  • Sell my Honda City

  • Sell my Honda Odyssey

  • Sell my Honda Accord

  • Sell my Honda CR-V

  • Sell my Honda Civic

List your Honda and we’ll look after the rest

Selling a Honda with AutoFlip couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is provide your vehicle details including photos and we’ll handle the rest. Our extensive network means we can find the right buyer for your vehicle. We’ll present you with the highest price offer and if you accept, we’ll connect you with the successful buyer to arrange free vehicle pick-up and transfer of payment.

No matter whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, get started now by entering your car details and we’ll help you sell your Honda fast and for a great price.

  • We look after the paperwork

    Selling your Honda can be a hassle. At AutoFlip, we ensure a smooth and convenient process by handling all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

  • Simple, easy & fast turnaround

    Your time is valuable. Our process of selling your Honda is simple, easy, and ensures a quick turnaround so you can move on to your next adventure.

  • Serious offers only

    Our network of more than 1000 serious wholesale buyers means you don’t have to deal with low-ball offers and time-wasters. Our serious best price offer results in a fair and transparent selling experience.

  • No haggling

    Avoid endless negotiations and haggling. Our hassle-free experience removes the stress of dealing with multiple buyers.

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List your car today, it's free and we look after the rest.

How to sell my Honda: Frequently asked questions

  • Honda vehicles are valuable on the used market for a number of reasons. The company has amassed a following out of building dependable, efficient cars that feature pioneering technology and engineering practices. These features make Honda vehicles a great value alternative to their competitors.

  • AutoFlip caters to a wide range of Honda vehicles. We understand that each vehicle has its own unique appeal and audience. Our network helps connect these vehicles to their ideal buyers, ensuring a satisfactory experience for everyone.

  • To prepare your Honda for sale, start by ensuring it is clean, both inside and out. Then, collate the paperwork that will be provided to the new owner along with the car, including any documents from when you purchased the vehicle, service records, warranty information and the registration certificate.

  • Once you’ve accepted an offer with AutoFlip, our friendly staff are able to guide you through the transaction process. We can also assist with the preparation of any required documentation to ensure a smooth handover process.

  • AutoFlip operates on a success-based approach, which means we only apply a success fee once you accept an offer and sell your vehicle. If no sale occurs, there will be no fee, providing complete transparency and eliminating any unforeseen surprises when selling your car with AutoFlip.

    When you sell your car with AutoFlip, there’s:

    • No listing fee
    • No advertising fee
    • No transport costs
    • No roadworthy required
    • No deal = no fee
    • No nasty surprises