What is the success fee?

List your car for free

AutoFlip charges a small success fee when you accept an offer from the successful buyer to purchase your car. If there’s no sale, there’s no fee. It won’t cost you anything.

AutoFlip's listing tiers

Below is the Seller Success Fee structure:


Core look ups only

  • Rego
  • WOFF
  • Stolen
Basic price/reserve setting guidance (like we do for QLD/NSW listings?)
Basic condition survey (or self service completion)

No additional look ups

Minimum SMS/Email notifications

PPSR and finance checks only at time of deal acceptance

Shorter listing (24 hour max) duration

Up to 1x free re-listings

Negotiation with dealers on your behalf
Full condition survey
Guaranteed SMS / Emails to Dealers based on Buyer notification preferences
Can book consultant appointments
AI condition report - $1-2
Up to 48 hours listing duration
Up to 2x free re-listings
Listed at top of the listings page (what about finishing soon listings?)
Additional data*
  • Build date
  • Factory fitted options
  • Odometer history check - $

* only for makes where available

SMS to Dealers (based on preferences) for your vehicle
PPSR - including Finance encumbrance checks