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Sell your car fast with AutoFlip!

List your car and you could have a competitive trade-in offer for your car within hours. 

How it works - selling your car quickly

No negotiating, no test drives, no waiting around for strangers. Advertise your car for free, get the best price offer from our trusted dealer network and trade-in your vehicle from the comfort of your home.
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List Your Car For Free

Enter your car details (including photos if available) and start your quick online car sale process.

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Receive Your Best Price Offer

A serious competitive offer for your car can happen within hours. Our buying network is ready to bid now.

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Get Paid Fast

Accept the offer and pay the success fee. Then connect with your buyer, arrange free car pick up and get paid quickly.

Lots of happy customers

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say.

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The fastest way to sell your car online

Submit your vehicle details, list your car and you can receive a serious offer within hours. Get a competitive trade-in price and sell your car fast – no transport fees, no haggling, no surprises.

What you need to sell your car quickly

Get ready to sell your car fast with AutoFlip! Save valuable time and hassle when selling your car online and let us take care of the negotiations. Listing your car with AutoFlip gives you access to our 800+ and growing network of licensed wholesale buyers ready to buy now.

Simply enter your vehicle details and photos (if you have them) and our buying network will competitively bid to purchase your car. When you accept an offer, AutoFlip takes care of the paperwork and connects you with the successful buyer, who will coordinate the free collection of your vehicle and the transfer of payment. Easy!

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List your car today, it’s free and we look after the rest.


  • Selling your car with AutoFlip is simple, easy, and fast. As soon as you’ve entered your vehicle information and spoken with one of our friendly customer service team members, we can list your car. Then our 700+ dealer network gets to competitively bid on your vehicle while you sit back and relax. Genuine offers can come in within hours of listing.

    If an offer doesn’t reach your expectations, our team will discuss further options to assist you in reaching a successful sale.

    Once sold, the successful buyer will contact you to arrange free collection of your vehicle and transfer of payment.

  • Once your car is listed, genuine offers can be received within hours. Selling your car through AutoFlip is quick, simple, and easy. We ask for some basic car information including photos and then we do the rest.

    Your car will be advertised to our network of 800+ trusted buyers, we’ll collect competitive offers and respond to you with the best price. If you accept the offer, the successful dealer will arrange a convenient time to collect your car and organise payment.

    If an offer doesn’t reach your expectations, our team will discuss further options to assist you in reaching a successful sale.

  • At AutoFlip, we tap into our extensive network of trusted dealers across Australia and negotiate the best price for your car on your behalf. You can receive a genuine best trade in price offer within hours of listing.

  • AutoFlip will prepare the relevant paperwork, as required by your location and the successful buyer of your vehicle. This will be sent to you for completion and signing.

  • The successful buyer will get in touch to arrange the transfer of payment and collection of your vehicle at a time that’s convenient.

  • AutoFlip will charge a small success fee when you accept an offer from the successful buyer to purchase your car. AutoFlip’s pricing means no surprises. AutoFlip earns its revenue based on you successfully selling your vehicle. 

    And if there’s no sale, there’s no fee. It won’t cost you anything.

    With AutoFlip, there’s:

    • No listing fee

    • No advertising fee

    • No transport costs

    • No roadworthy required

    • No deal = no fee

    • No nasty surprises