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Get the best offer for your car in an instant

Enter your car details and access our network of 1000+ dealers ready to competitively bid on your car now. 

How does AutoFlip work?

AutoFlip gives you access to our 1000+ network of licensed wholesale buyers. Once your vehicle is listed, you can receive a genuine offer within hours. Our car buying network competitively bids on your car meaning you get the best trade-in price. And best of all, if there's no deal, there's no fee.
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List Your Car For Free

Enter your car details (including photos if available) and start your high-speed car sale process.

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Receive Your Best Price Offer

Get a competitive offer for your car from our 1000+ wholesale buyer network. An offer can be received in hours.

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Get Paid Fast

Accept the offer and pay the success fee. Connect with your buyer, arrange car pick up and get paid quickly. 

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What's the difference between instant offer and AutoFlip?

There are many car value estimators and online destinations that provide an instant offer for your car. In most cases the offer is calculated based on market data and recent sales of similar cars. Often, there are restrictions on the cars that are accepted.

By listing your car with AutoFlip you'll receive a genuine offer from an actual member of our trusted network of more than 1000 licensed dealers. Your online quote will be based on the latest market conditions and real-time demand. We understand that each car is unique, meaning you'll get a best price offer based on your specific car details. Once your car is listed, our buying network competitively bids to buy your car. A serious competitive offer for your car can happen within hours.

Lots of happy customers

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Enter your car details and sell your car - quick, simple & easy

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Selling your car with AutoFlip

Gain the best price for your car from a growing Australia-wide network of trade-in buyers. Our network competitively bids to buy your car, meaning you receive the best price offer based on current market demand and your unique car details.

Selling your car with AutoFlip means:

  • No listing fee

  • No advertising fee

  • No transport costs

  • No deal = no fee


  • Selling your car privately comes with more effort as you take full responsibility for the sale. Everything from listing the vehicle, paying for advertising costs, answering queries, dealing with time wasters, exposing yourself to scammers and having strangers come to your home. How long it takes to sell your car is also unknown and there’s an expectation to get a high price, given the extra risk and hassle.

    AutoFlip removes the hassle and the unknown. You can get a genuine offer from a trusted licensed buyer quickly and receive payment fast.

  • The final sale price of your car is determined by the highest offer received from our trusted network of licensed buyers. The price will depend on your car’s condition, its unique features and the current market demand.

  • Once your car is listed, genuine offers can be received within hours. We ask for some basic car details as well as photos of your vehicle, and then we do the rest.

    Your car will be advertised to our network of over 1000 trusted buyers, we’ll collect competitive offers and respond to you with the best price. If you accept the offer, the successful dealer will arrange a convenient time to collect your car and organise payment.

    If an offer doesn’t reach your expectations, our team will discuss further options to assist you in reaching a successful sale.

  • AutoFlip operates on a success-based approach, which means we only apply a success fee once you accept an offer and sell your vehicle. If no sale occurs, there will be no fee, providing complete transparency and eliminating any unforeseen surprises when selling your car with AutoFlip.

    When you sell your car with AutoFlip, there’s:

    • No listing fee
    • No advertising fee
    • No transport costs
    • No roadworthy required
    • No deal = no fee
    • No nasty surprises
  • Yes, you can still sell your car with AutoFlip if you owe money through finance. We can assist the successful buyer and your finance company.

  • At AutoFlip, we tap into our extensive network of trusted dealers across Australia and negotiate the best price for your car on your behalf. You can receive a genuine best trade in price offer within hours of listing.

  • AutoFlip is quick, simple, and easy with a team focused on getting you the best trade in price. Unlike some other sites where you receive an offer from a single dealer or wholesale buyer, we provide you access to our 1000+ network of serious buyers. They then competitively bid on your car, meaning you get the best used car price without having to drive around to multiple locations. Successful buyers will also coordinate collection of your vehicle at no cost, meaning you don’t even have to leave your couch.