Buyer Fee Update

We want to take a moment to inform you about an upcoming change to the pricing of the AutoFlip buying platform. Effective from 1st July 2023, as part of our updated Buyer Agreement Terms, we will be implementing a price rise that is outlined below.


We understand that any change in pricing can raise questions, so we want to provide some context behind this decision. Over the past few years, our industry has faced various challenges and changing market conditions. Like any business, these factors have put pressure on our operations, making it necessary to introduce a small adjustment to our pricing strategy.

As a company, we have always strived to provide exceptional quality and value to you, our customers. We have made continuous investments in research, technology, and innovation to bring you the best products available in the market. However, to sustain our commitment to excellence, it has become imperative for us to revise our pricing structure.

Since we launched AutoFlip in January 2021, we’ve kept our fee structure unchanged while we invested in our product and dedicated team. As our product has evolved, and our network of buyers has increased, so have the demands on our support staff. As a result, our team has grown by over 800%. Through this exciting time of growth, we’ve been able to absorb more of the workload when negotiating on behalf of dealers, streamline the buyer facing service with significant product development, attract more sellers via our lead generation team, and grow our vehicle listings month-on-month. Our price increase enables us to facilitate the growth of our buyers by providing an ever improving trading service, one which we all know is desperately needed in the automotive industry.

We believe AutoFlip continues to offer great value to our buyer network, and we’re only getting started. These are just a few of the upcoming features our new pricing model allows us to provide:


We have a history of relentless innovation, and we appreciate your continued partnership, as we strive to provide a better way for dealers to buy and sell cars. Since our last price change, we’ve grown the AutoFlip offering through the following enhancements:


We urge you to review the updated Buyers Agreement, as alongside the updated procurement fee, there are important details pertaining to Late Payment Fees and Cancellation Fees. We will take your continued use of the AutoFlip platform and engagement with AutoFlip after the 1st of July 2023 as confirming your acceptance of the amended agreement.