Buyer Portal Feature Update - March 15th 2024

Experience real-time updates and improved buying with AutoFlip's upgraded email notifications, featuring a new "Import" label for overseas vehicles and enhanced SMS notifications tailored to your feedback.

Branded AutoFlip emails

We've redesigned our notification emails on AutoFlip to prioritize key information delivery for you. Now, with images included, you can quickly identify quality and in-demand vehicles, streamlining your browsing experience. This update focuses on delivering value to you by helping you find your desired vehicles faster and more efficiently.

branded autoflip emails

Better Identification of Overseas Vehicles

We now distinguish vehicles from overseas markets with a "Import" Seller Type label on the Buyer’s Portal, to help you recognise vehicles that require importation to the Australian market. This clear distinction appears on both the Listing Page vehicle card and the Vehicle Details Page, ensuring you are well-informed.


Updated SMS templates

We've improved the SMS notification template based on your feedback by restructuring the format to prevent accidental clicks. Additionally, we've added the vehicle's location, enhancing the value for buyers by providing clearer information about the vehicle's whereabouts.


Remember, we’re always making improvements to how you can set your preferences and filters to get the vehicles you want to see. You can view your current settings and reset your preferences here:

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