SUVs, Sedans, EVs & Convertibles - What are the Most Popular cars in Australia?


Australia’s automotive industry is as diverse as the country itself. Our combination of rugged countryside and bustling cities leads to a car market that reflects these various lifestyles. In this AutoFlip guide, we’ll explore the most popular types of cars in Australia. From SUVs to sedans to electric vehicles and convertibles, we’ll delve into the numbers and customer preferences for each vehicle style.

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What Do Buyers Look For?

Each vehicle segment has its own audience, with buyers of different types of cars seeking specific features. From technology to safety to off-road performance, here are the things that matter most to buyers of each type of vehicle. 


SUVs are the most popular vehicle type in Australia, with many models on the list of top selling cars in Australia. They offer consumers lots of space, off-road capability and a higher driving position for excellent visibility. Their versatility makes them ideal for families needing a practical car, or for adventurous couples or individuals who enjoy tackling a variety of terrains. 


Sedans have become a staple on Australian roads, having proved a popular family choice over a period of decades. Their combination of comfort, efficiency, performance and space makes them ideal for a variety of needs, from city commuting to family holidays and long distance travel. A number of models from prestige brands may also suit buyers of upmarket luxury vehicles. 


While they are not the most popular car in Australia, convertibles are favoured for their sporty looks and driving experience. They’re an especially popular choice during the warmer weather for those who are drawn to the lifestyle that owning a convertible car provides.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a rapidly growing market segment in Australia. They are favoured for their environmentally friendly technology, as well as their lower cost of maintenance and other perks such as specific parking spaces. The rollout of more charging infrastructure across the country continues to make owning an EV a viable alternative to petrol and diesel cars for many Australians.

Factors Influencing Consumer Choice

A number of factors influence the cars Australians buy. These features may be internal to the vehicles themselves, or they may be dictated by the wants and needs of the buyer. They include:

SUVs vs Sedans vs Convertibles vs Electric Vehicles

Based on the latest available data, new car sales in Australia for SUVs, sedans, convertibles and EVs are listed below:

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