Three popular ways to sell a car in Australia


When it comes to selling your car in Australia, there are several options you can consider. From a traditional trade-in to selling privately or listing with AutoFlip.  

Trade-in to a dealer 

If you're in the market for a new car, you may like to consider the convenience of trading in your current vehicle at the same dealership. Following a thorough inspection, the dealer will provide you with an offer. However, it's important to be aware that this offer may be lower compared to other selling methods. 

Sell to a private buyer 

Opting for a private sale means greater control over the selling process and may result in a higher selling price. Keep in mind that selling privately can be time-consuming and demanding, as you assume full responsibility for the sale. This involves advertising across various platforms, direct communication with potential buyers, arranging test drives, and negotiating prices. It also exposes you to time-wasters, strangers visiting your home, and potential scammers. Additionally, selling privately requires a roadworthy certificate, which could involve costly repairs. 

Sell with AutoFlip 

Selecting AutoFlip offers the advantage of securing an excellent trade-in price without the usual hassles associated with private sales. Simply list your vehicle for free and relax as our extensive network of over 1000 dealers throughout Australia competes to purchase your car. Once we provide you with the best price offer, and if you accept, simply pay the small success fee, schedule a free pick-up, and let us assist in facilitating the paperwork. The best part? If you don’t receive an offer, you’re happy with, there’s nothing to pay. 

Our unique platform with 1000+ dealers ready to buy your car, provides a great solution for sellers looking for a fast, hassle-free experience and the best trade-in price. 

hassles you can avoid by selling with AutoFlip 

1. Being restricted to your local area 

No need to drive around to multiple dealers in your local area. Selling with AutoFlip means you get access to our extensive network of licensed dealers located across Australia. When your vehicle is listed, our dealers will competitively bid to purchase your car, meaning you can get a great trade-in price, fast.

2. Having to organise a roadworthy certificate 

When selling your car privately, you’ll most likely need a roadworthy certificate (RWC). Depending on the condition of your car and the time lapsed since it’s last service, this may mean having to arrange repairs which could be expensive. Selling with AutoFlip means you don’t need to worry about a RWC as you’ll be selling to a licensed dealer rather than a private individual.  

3. Creating multiple ads and listing on various platforms 

Knowing how to write an advertisement that results in a sale can be tricky and filling out your vehicle details on lots of different sites can be time consuming. Save your precious time and list once with AutoFlip, then sit back while we take care of the rest. 

4. Dealing with potential buyers and being available for test drives 

Avoid answering the same questions over and over, arranging test-drives and inspections and dealing with time-wasters. List with AutoFlip and let us do the negotiating for you, freeing up your valuable time. 

5. Wasting time liaising with tyre-kickers 

Selling with AutoFlip means dealing with licensed dealers who only bid if they want to buy your car. We handle the negotiations and present you with a genuine and serious offer. 

6. Exposing yourself to fraud and scams 

Avoid the stress of opening yourself up to potential scams. Selling with Autoflip means only dealing with our trusted network of licensed dealers, so you can rest easy.