Jodie's AutoFlip Story


When Traditional Selling Methods Fall Short...

Jodie, like many, relied on traditional methods to sell her cars, opting for trade-ins when it was time to upgrade. However, this time, the trade-in offer fell short of her car's true value in today's market. Despite a few scratches, the cost of repairs didn't justify the loss she'd face with the trade-in offer.

Considering her busy schedule as a full-time working mother, Jodie weighed her options. Repairing the damage would mean more time and hassle, plus the inconvenience of arranging alternate transportation during repairs. Selling privately seemed daunting with her schedule, involving strangers visiting her home and haggling over prices, which she simply didn't have the time or energy for.

"I've got kids. I work full-time. I don't have time [to sell a car privately]"

Why Jodie Opted For AutoFlip

Enter AutoFlip, a modern solution that Jodie discovered through social media. Unlike traditional methods, AutoFlip connected Jodie to a network of over 1000 reputable buyers, eliminating the need to deal with random strangers. Plus, there was no cost to list her car, making it a risk-free option.

"I thought, there's was no harm in trying. Didn't have to pay to list. There was no fee if there was no sale"

Listing her car on AutoFlip was seamless, and having a dedicated sales representative take care of the negotiations on Jodie's behalf ensured she received a fair offer. The fast, hassle-free process left Jodie satisfied with both the selling experience and the price she fetched for her 2019 Honda CRV.

"It felt like AutoFlip was on my side. They negotiated with dealers on my behalf to ensure I got the best deal for my car"

Jodie thinks that, without AutoFlip, she would have likely faced the inconvenience of driving a loaner car while waiting for repairs and still would have received a lower offer from the dealership. Thanks to AutoFlip, she navigated the selling process with ease, freeing up her time and resources for more important matters.

"Handing my car over to get fixed and then organising and paying for a loaner car would've been an inconvenience. I'd probably still be driving around in my old car"

Jodie sold her 2019 Honda CRV on AutoFlip